Check out the forthcoming Exhibitions page for details of new & exciting exhibitions featuring several new artist to the gallery.

The gallery is now in its 13th year a bit of a shock to those who said it wouldn’t last back in 1995. The wonderful thing is that I have made so many friends over the years. Watching people marry, have children and watch then grow up. Wonder if I’ll be here to see them married? Watch this space.

Please E mail me any bits of tittle tattle or comments that you have it would be great to get a little forum going. if you call in and have something to say do so and we will get it onto the page straight away.

Having just visited Pembrokeshire with some good friends made through the gallery I came across a couple of artists I think you will like.

The first one is Simon Rich who makes the most fantastic pots and bowls decorated with crystaline glazes. These really have to be seen as no photograph can do them justice.

The same goes for glass artist Steve Robinson whos fused glass bowls and platters are truly spectacular.

The work has now arrived and will be on show at our Christmas Exhibition which starts on the 30th November. preview from 6.30pm.

If you haven’t beeen to see the new range of glass from Twists you should. Mike Hunter the glass artist makes every piece himself, amazing. Pieces start from £30.s