About us

Over the last 10 years, Lupton Loans has made a name for itself as being one of the most reliable logbook loan providers across the UK. We understand that application for loans is a pretty sensitive issue for most individuals especially when they are turned down. For this reason, we started rolling out logbook loans with the sole aim of giving our customers an alternative at affordable prices. Our goal as a top tier logbook loan lender in the UK is to help as many people as possible struggling with bad credit avail a V5 loan at a short moment’s notice.

Our strength lies in our ability to treat our customers as human beings first and not judge them based on their credit rating. Provided that you own a car and are in need of an urgent loan, rest assured that Lupton Loans is your friend. We have put in place proper measures to inform, advise and guide our customers prior to approving their applications. We understand that most individuals apply for loans out of desperation and in the process tend to make regretful decisions. In light of this, our knowledgeable and highly informed customer personnel are under strict instructions to divulge every information there is regarding logbook loans so as to help them make decisions that will positively impact their lives.